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If I knew how this would all turn out, well, I still would have taken this path. It's not worth it, you know. The one closer to me was easier to reach. The other was farther away, but on the end, there was a shining gold that looked like all I ever wanted. It was all I ever needed, and I stared as you waited on the end of the other trail. I didn't take it, though; I couldn't be troubled. I went down the closer path and I tripped and I fell and couldn't get back up, and still I lay on the floor, just looking at the shining gold light on the edge of the other trail that has evaded me ever since. If I could redo one thing in my entire lifetime, I would rewind to just about the point at the fork roads, look closer at the light to see what I wanted, ever needed, and then choose the same path again because it's the way that I was meant to venture.

Let us go back before I even entered that dastardly forest, shall we? I was just a wanderer travelling on a boundless highway; there were exits, but I never got off that highway. It shriveled down to the road, the acursed road that led me to the acursed forest that segwayed into the - ah, you guessed it - the acursed trial of the forkroads! I had no car or shoes to protect me from the hard rocks of the road; nothing but a shirt and ramshackle shorts to protect me from the wind and rain. I still bear the scars of hardships fought through; but unlike fairy tales, these have tought me nothing and just made me learn to appreciate the sun rising up in the morning; but unfortunately, the night always steals the light and the hot temperatures.

But now even prior to heading onto the highway, I remember my life. In my cosy little college within forest, just experiencing everything there was [to experience]. There was no blinding light taunting me from afar; happiness was ever-present, just my family and friends and valued ideals living peacefully. Hope, alongside curious signs, told me to ride on the highway to the forest for 'twas destiny. I disagree. My love, this is not my fate, to gaze at the never-ending light on the other fork. It is the light I long for, but even if I received it, I know the lies veiled behind would ensnare me. Farewell; I depart now, and continue to water the grass underneath me with my tears of paranoia.
Left to interpretation, albeit its meaning already defined in my head.
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June 8, 2010
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